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Private Door: Detox
Give Yourself a Moment of Happiness

Countless satisfied clients who have experienced the weight loss detox retreat at Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat will tell you there is no better solution to weight loss.
This program can be done at the client’s convenience for 30 days staying at their own home, hotel, boat or space. It’s a program where you have private one on one sessions with Dr. Roni remotely.


Private Door: Detox is a program created for someone who needs to detox
to get healthy and they are at a point where their health is in danger. It was created for the busy person who can’t leave home or space. It was created for the overwhelmed mother who ran out of options, someone who home from hospital recovering from a serious illness, it was created for the person who has an urgent need to lose weight because of health issues or a special event they need to attend. The Private Door; Detox is also for the Critical Care person that needs daily connection with a Wellness Doctor. This program is for anyone who desires to be taken care of remotely and at the same time needs to feel safe.


Private Door: Detox was created by popular demand based on Dr. Roni New York Times Bestselling Book. The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox: The program is based on metabolic high tech principles that will help you do the following.

Lose 21 pounds in 21 days or maintain weight

Get healthy and boost your immune function

Decrease inflammation and pain

Improve memory and focus

Normalize hormones and blood level results

Increase Vitamins and Minerals in diet

Look and feel younger while extending your life

Improve energy and metabolism

Improve sleep patterns

Improve colon, liver and kidney health

Any many more benefits


Do You Need A Healthy and Happy Life ?


This program can be done at the client’s convenience for 30 days staying at their own home, hotel, boat or space. It’s a program where you have private one on one sessions with Dr. Roni remotely. You will have daily telephone or skype consultations and every 2 hours text messages. She will walk you through your daily cocktails, your juices, soups, vitamin smoothies, special supplements, Detox treatments, other appointments and your daily at home activity schedule.


A reservation and booking consultant will contact you and assist with your admitting documents. The first step is you will fill out 2 forms of documents
1.Reservation Agreement
2.Health Assessment form
These 2 documents will determine if you are a candidate for the program. Once we received both documents we will schedule you for daily consultations starting with overview of health status, basic education on the process of detoxification and organ cleansing, ordering of supplements, scheduling activities and treatments. This process takes 3 to 5 days. By day 5 you are ready to start the detox for the next 21 days. After your detox there is a 4 day Breaking Detox food plan which leads you to The PEVY lifestyle Plan which is your maintenance program for life.


In the comfort of your own home or space you will have daily access to Dr. Roni and all aspects of her knowledge during your health program. You will be reminded all day what to do step by step via text messages. You will be scheduled for 1 voice or skype consultation daily. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss private situations that’s happening in your life. This is a great opportunity to change your life.

Private Door: Detox Schedule

This is a 21 day detox and wellness program. It is intense and can be challenging if you do not follow the easy tips provided to you in the program. You will be given a daily activity and treatment protocol that will help the body to purge toxins and help the body repair so that it can improve health. Specialized supplements may be given on an individual basis determined after the assessment process.

8:00 A.M.

• High-density antioxidant berry drink
• 43 Nutrients in Protein Smoothie
• Link to audio or video on Antioxidants
• Link to audio or video Protein Smoothie

10:00 A.M.

• High-density green drink mixed in 8 ounces of distilled water
• Link to audio or video on Green drinks
• Free recipes of Green Juice

12:00 P.M.

• Green Salad only or fresh live juice or another high-density green drink.
• Hot or iced herbal tea or broth from soup
• Enzyme
• Link to audio or video on Enzymes

2:00 P.M.

• Anti-inflammatory drink mixed in 8 ounces of distilled water
• Link to audio or video on Anti-inflammatory

4:00 P.M.

• Broth from soup ( free Broth recipes)

6:00 P.M.

• Homemade puree soup
• Free recipes for soups
• Broth from soup
• 1 enzyme


Receive Good Night Inspiration

• Alkalize and colon Care
• Link audio or video on Aloe Vera
• Probiotics - Good Bacteria
• Link to audio or video on Probiotics

Do You Need A Healthy and Happy Life ?


Cost of Private Door: Detox is $3,900.
This price includes 30 days broken down into:

• 5 education, assessment and ordering process days
• 21 actual detox days
• 4 breaking detox plan days


Cost of 30 day supply of supplements approximately $245.00.


Cost of Chi Machine is approximately $499.00

CHI MACHINE (optional)


Her special message has always been

“If you give your body what he needs it will work miracles for you. I have seen thousands transformed by this program”

Dr. Roni’s distinguished career and unique treatments are recognized as truly life changing! She is celebrated as one of the most prominent Naturopathic Doctors in this country as well as a leading Detoxification and Environmental Illness Doctor. Her own debilitating illness led her to receive a PhD in Natural Health and to personally establish and design The Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat Facility. Dr. Roni recognized that for effective healing to take place, one must integrate the entire mind, body and spirit. At her facility, she successfully treats chronically ill persons by combining integral wellness and traditional Naturopathy principles after total body Detoxification.
As Dr. Roni Deluz continues to remain at the forefront of healing she became a New York Times Bestselling author. Dr. Roni lectures all over the nation in Detoxification and Environmental Illness. She consistently focuses on cutting-edge healing modalities that result in effective restoration and integration in healing the mind, body and spirit. She has been on national TV and radio such as Larry King Live, The View with Barbara Walters, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Woman’s World, First for Women, Howard Stern-Detox Robin Quivers live on air for 21 days, Extra TV, Fox and Friends, New York Post, Page Six, New York Daily News, Steve Harvey Morning Show and again Detox Steve Harvey on air for 21 days, Wendy Williams Radio Show, HBO–Inside the NFL, Bravo, The Real Housewife’s of New York, E Channel, Fox News Detroit, Fox Boston News and more.

Do You Need A Healthy and Happy Life ?


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